Great News: Susan Got the Most 1st Choice Votes! Thank You!

Jun 21, 2023 | Campaign News, Featured1

The campaign to elect Susan Cunningham to the Arlington County Board has some good news to share: with 98% of precincts reporting, round one primary results look promising. Thank you so much for your support!

Election results of first choice votes in Arlington’s Democratic primary for county board show Cunningham with 25%, Natalie Roy with 24%, Maureen Coffey with 22%, and JD Spain with 20% of first picks. Tony Weaver also received 5% and Jonathan Dromgoole got 4%. The county now begins the process of tabulating votes in the new ranked choice voting system. In each round of tabulation, the county eliminates the last place candidate with the least votes, and transfers their supporters’ second choice votes to the other candidates. The process continues until a candidate has crossed the 33.3% threshold to be declared a winner of one of two Democratic primary slots for the November election.

More news coverage here: Cunningham, Roy, Coffey Lead In 1st Choice Votes In Arlington Primary

More results to come by Sunday: Arlington Board Primary ‘Cliffhanger’ Awaits Ranked Choice Tabulations

Susan released a statement thanking her voters and supporters:

While at first count I have the most first choice votes, there are still votes to be counted and recounted as we see how ranked choice plays out. It could be a week before we know the final results, but for tonight, I’m happy and I’m grateful to so many people:

  • To my husband Philip and daughters – thank you for your (mostly) good humor, patience, calm, spreadsheets, logistics, snacks, and encouragement.
  • To my extended family and friends – wow, thank you for pitching in from near and far – amidst graduations, major medical events, job transitions, etc. – to take late night calls, share encouraging words, and to help in whatever way was asked. Thank you!
  • To those who believed in me enough to donate to the campaign (and, there is still an opportunity to pitch in), you helped get our message out far and wide. Thank you.
  • To the army of volunteers, including campaign strategist Candace Bryan Abbey, volunteer coordinator Lauren Hall, communications director Monica Mills, digital strategist David Browne, webmaster Christina Headrick, social media lead Joel Wood, sign manager Tim Cleary, songwriter/sister-to-all Nancy Cunningham, and the rest of the great team behind the scenes. You are amazing! For those who canvassed voters, went to events, hosted meet-and-greets, assembled and installed signs, worked all day again today; I am humbled by your efforts and dedication to our community.
  • To the other candidates, thank you for your enthusiasm and service to our community.
  • To the advice-givers, (usually) constructive criticism-sharers, and supporters: you made me a better candidate and a better person. Thank you.
  • To our elections staff and volunteers for keeping things fair and positive throughout.
  • And of course, most of all, thank you to every voter for studying, debating and choosing. As you may have heard a few times by now, I’m an Engineer, an Executive, and a Mom. I’m so excited to work with each of you to bring our community’s future into focus.

Thank you,


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