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Press Releases

Statement on the Death of Abonesh Woldegeorges

For immediate release: As speakers were gathering early Sunday morning at the Lincoln Memorial for the March on Washington to continue the fight against injustice and inequality, Ms. Woldegeorges was found unresponsive only two miles away at the Arlington County Jail. Following the death of Paul Thompson in February 2022, the Arlington County Sheriff reportedly implemented health and medical care reforms to improve medical care, including medical devices to “track heart rates and alert workstations.” Were these precautions in use? Did they effectively ensure timely emergency aid? If not,...


Democratic County Board hopefuls say it is time to heal from Missing Middle divisions

All of the candidates agreed the county will need to analyze data before deciding on next steps.   “Monitoring closely is going to be really important — especially monitoring on elements of diversity and affordability,” said Susan Cunningham, who has run for County Board before as an independent and criticized the zoning changes.   Cunningham suggested modifying rules for accessory dwelling units and for lot coverage, which could curb the development of large homes oft-derided as “McMansions.”   “My biggest problem with Missing Middle was not just the process but the fact...


Moving Forward: Making Sense of the Missing Middle Mess

As expected, the Arlington County Board tonight voted 5-0 to move forward with the Missing Middle Housing Plan. From the beginning, the Board’s goals have been unclear and shifting; the process has been lacking in transparency and common sense. Tonight the board passed a blanket upzoning, with the most benefit going to developers and high income residents. Unfortunately, this plan and this process has left our community confused, frustrated, and exhausted. Trust and transparency have suffered. And, we are no closer to a thoughtful, well-planned, and common sense housing plan. As a...


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