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Moving Forward: Making Sense of the Missing Middle Mess

As expected, the Arlington County Board tonight voted 5-0 to move forward with the Missing Middle Housing Plan. From the beginning, the Board’s goals have been unclear and shifting; the process has been lacking in transparency and common sense. Tonight the board passed a blanket upzoning, with the most benefit going to developers and high income residents. Unfortunately, this plan and this process has left our community confused, frustrated, and exhausted. Trust and transparency have suffered. And, we are no closer to a thoughtful, well-planned, and common sense housing plan. As a...


Election Day: Ranked Choice Voting Debuts!

June 20th - Election Day Date Calendar for Ranked Choice Voting in the Arlington Democratic Primary for Arlington County Board

Mark your calendar for the Democratic Primary! Vote for Susan Cunningham as your 1st choice in the Democratic Primary on Election Day, as Arlington County rolls out ranked choice voting. Read more about why the county switched to ranked choice voting for this year’s County Board election.